5 Domestic Service Numbers That Every Homeowner Should Store on Their Smartphones

Ask any seasoned UK homeowner and they would tell you that in order to best prepare for every eventuality, you should pre-source some emergency numbers. Property management means having to use local tradespeople and with that in mind, here are a few numbers that you should source and store on your smartphone.

  1. 24/7 Plumber – In the event of a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, you need to shut off the water supply, then you can call in an emergency plumber. While he is there, ask him to give your home a thorough inspection, looking for potential leaks.
  2. Emergency Electrician – Whether you need electrical rewiring in Leicester or a system inspection in Leeds, Google is your best friend and can quickly locate a 24/7 electrician. Some companies do not have a call-out charge, which will save you a few quid.
  3. Drain Cleaner – No one wants to experience a blocked drain, but they do happen for a variety of reasons. There are companies that run fully equipped mobile teams and they can be at your place in a matter of minutes and once the blockage is cleared, they will power wash the drain system to prevent a future problem.
  4. Roofing Contractor – Your roof should be inspected on an annual basis and should a tree fall onto the roof, causing a lot of damage, you need to call in an emergency roofing company to limit the damage.
  5. Tree Surgeon – A heavy storm can cause havoc with your trees and while we hope you never need to call in an emergency arborist, sourcing a local tree surgeon and storing their number in your phone is a smart thing to do.

With all of the above numbers stored in your smartphone, you are prepared for most things and there will be times when you are glad that you went to the trouble of pre-sourcing a provider’s number.

A qualified electrician is an individual who has completed necessary training, certifications, and met the standards and regulations set by the industry and government bodies to work safely and competently in the field of electrical systems and equipment.

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