Add Untold Value to Your Property with A New Front Door

If you live in a newly built home in Caterham and you’re in the process of cleaning your home or, doing some checks, then you might notice that there is a draught coming in through your front door. You might even be able to see daylight around the edges, that could be part of a bigger problem;


If you have a newly built home then you should expect a certain level of settlement, this is where your property dries out and the surrounding land shifts slightly to accommodate the new weight load. It is perfectly normal and you could see things like cracks in plasterwork, nail pops or general adjustments that need to take place.


Newly installed doors will need adjustment as the property settles, you will probably notice drafts or daylight coming in around seals, call which could be nothing to worry about, call the contractor and ask them to make good. If you don’t call them, then there may be damage done to the door or the frame and you could find yourself searching for new doors for sale in Caterham a lot sooner than you had ever imagined.

Older properties

If you have an older property you might want to do a similar check. You may have noticed that the lock doesn’t operate as easily as it once did, it would be very unlikely that the chorus is due to settlement, although it still could be a sign that the door `needs adjustment, or replacement.

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