Bespoke Solutions to Add Living Space to your Property

If you have a growing family and your home is too small, you are faced with several options; You could sell up and relocate to a larger property, or you could extend. We all know how expensive it is to buy and sell real estate, not to mention rising land prices, which is why most Australian homeowners choose extending in some form, as opposed to relocating.

Granny Flat
A stand-alone structure, a knock down rebuild granny flat in Canberra would tick all of the boxes and this could be used in many ways;

  • Parent Accommodation
  • Study Room for the Kids
  • Guest Accommodation
  • Home Office
  • Hobby Workshop

If you would like to know about costs for such a project, a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of a local knock down builder who would be happy to design and quote for the project.

Garage Rebuild
If you have a double garage on your property, that’s quite a lot of space and a knock down rebuild would solve your space issues and some, if you went to a second storey. Using composite materials, you can eliminate building maintenance and the added value to the property would be considerable. The builder would have an impressive photo album of previous projects to give you a clear idea of what is possible and they can usually work within the client’s budget, which is an important aspect.

Empty Plot of Land
You might have no desire to lose your garage space, yet there might be a section of the land that could host a stand-alone structure. Trees are not an issue and this could be the best solution and all the utilities can be hooked up to the new structure and if the builder thinks you have the space, they can create suitable foundations for the new build.

Single Company Solutions
Rather than sourcing an architect and a builder, the all-in-one knock down builder has you covered in every respect; from old structure removal to handing over the keys to your dream home, the process is a smooth one, keeping you informed at all times.

By examining all of the options, you can come up with the best solution, one that gives you that much-needed extra living space in a tasteful design. With land prices so high, it is best to develop the land you already have and with the right knock down builder in your corner, you can achieve your goals with your budget.

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