Different Ways Of Effectively Dividing Your Office Space

Many office spaces are large and open before you alter the layout, and open-plan offices are unsuitable for some businesses. You can divide the space in your office and separate it into different areas for your business in various ways. You can use different kinds of effective partitions that look fantastic and are also simple to install. You can see some of the partition options listed below to show you the choices you can consider for your office space.

Temporary Room Dividers

At the cheapest end of the scale, you can consider using temporary room dividers to divide the space in your office. These office dividers can be moved easily, are lightweight, and are often covered in material to help absorb sound. They can be a suitable addition to your office, but it is best to use these as a temporary solution and install permanent partitions to divide the space in your office.

Drywall Partitioning

Another cost-effective solution you can consider for your office is drywall partitioning, which is cheap and quick to install. Consider adding thermal or acoustic insulation to the partitioning to help make your workspace a more comfortable temperature and noise level. Once installed, you can paint them any colour you wish, but they can become damaged when banged into, but you can repair them easily.

Frameless Glass Partitions

You can also consider installing frameless glass partitions in your office, which is an excellent way to maximise its natural light. They allow employees to keep visually connected, even when in a different space, and they can also look fantastic in an office space. They are a popular option with many companies throughout the UK and an option most partition companies offer.

Demountable Partitions

Another option is using demountable partitions in your office space, which are a cost-effective, versatile solution. The demountable partitions connect to the wall, ceiling, and floor, and you can take them down and move them, allowing you to reuse them when you change the layout of your office. They are also classed as Plant & Machinery, meaning you can claim them against Capital Allowances Tax, making them more cost-effective. You can also get demountable glass partitions if you prefer, and they are available in many configurations.

Switchable Glass Partitions

When you want to partition off a meeting room or board room, consider using switchable glass partitions, which look fantastic and can impress visitors. They look like regular glass partitions, but you can change them from transparent to opaque by hitting a button. They can give you privacy when needed and help make an excellent first impression on guests. They are a more expensive option, but they will provide a lovely aesthetic quality to your office space.

Sliding Partitions

Another option for your office is sliding partitions, which is an excellent option for a multi-purpose space. You can move the sliding partitions easily and quickly, and they do not require a lot of physical strength. Depending on how you use it, you can open or close the space, which can be excellent when doing staff training or having a group meeting. They are an affordable option you can see in many offices in the UK due to the many fantastic designs available.

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