The Best Season to Sell a House

Many markets say that the best time of the year to sell a house is in spring. But this statement is not always true. The best time to sell your property depends on the market where you are selling it. Aside from that, the seasons of the year have different effects that can change the market’s strength where you are selling.

The best time of the year to sell your house depends on where it is. While most people say that spring is the best season to sell a property, it is not applicable if your property is in Phoenix, Texas, Florida, and Southern California. The reason behind this is that those places usually experience extreme weather conditions during spring, such as tornadoes, intense heat, and hurricanes.


The first two weeks of May are said to be the best time to sell a property in most areas. During this time, expect to sell a couple of days faster compared to other months. You can also get about a 5.9% higher return of investment due to the market’s strength in the spring season.

Meanwhile, other places in April or June are ideal for selling homes. The reason behind this is that spring comes with several advantages, including late coming of tax refunds, more homebuyers searching for properties due to good weather, and so much more.


In most areas, winter can be the most difficult season of the year to sell a house. Aside from the fact that most people choose to stay at home, rather than search for another place to live. The harsh weather conditions during winter are not something that can emphasize the good points of a house.

But in areas like Arizona, Florida, and Southern Nevada, winter is the best season to sell a house. Determine the selling point of your property during such a season to know if it is the best time to sell your home.


If your house is particularly beautiful in the fall, then it is the best time for you to sell your home. If you want a proper appraisal and to get a good return of investment, consider selling to those dealing with we buy houses in Fort Lauderdale based on your property’s real value. You will be able to acquire the right return of your investment as they provide an honest and straightforward appraisal for free.


Aside from spring, summer is also a great time to sell your house. Especially if you own a beach house in a good location, you will be able to get the best ROI possible. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, June 28 is the day where you can most likely sell a house.

If you want to sell your property fast during a particular season of the year, make sure to research about the market’s strength in the location of your property. Do not get caught up with the hype. Watch out for the best time when your house can be sold at a reasonable price.

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