Things That You Should Do to Make Your Home More Presentable

If you have plans to sell your home soon, you must get a fair price for the property that you have worked hard for. One of the first secrets to getting a buyer fast is hiring someone to stage your home for potential buyers. Stagers work hard to make your property look like what you see in magazines and websites.

If you decide to shun the idea of hiring a staging expert, it is okay. You can take the initiative and transform your home into one of the most attractive properties in town. Here are some of the secrets that are worth sharing with everyone.

Clean your home

This number one method is the most basic and yet the essential thing that you have to do before staging your home. You do not want guests to see clutter around your property. That is why getting in touch with companies that offer junk removal services can help you dispose of old appliances, damaged furniture, and even saggy mattresses that other people do not need to see. Make it a point to clean your garage, attic, and basement thoroughly because potential buyers keep an eye on the small details.

Mix and match your home furniture

Instead of buying one sofa set and placing it in your living room, why not try button seats that come in various shapes and sizes. You can become more experimental with the type of furniture that you are planning to use. Doing this will give your home a unique characteristic that sets you apart from other places in the real estate market.

Replace your carpets

If your home carpet is showing signs of wear and tear, make sure to look for a replacement before the staging process. Carpets can make your home more warm and cozy, which is why you need to take your time looking for a replacement. Do not settle for the carpet that you first lay eyes on, choose a wool carpet that covers your entire bedroom or living room area. Doing this will give viewers the illusion of a bigger and more organized space. However, if you cannot afford to replace the carpets, you can look into other alternatives. Try recycling your old carpets and have them undergo dry cleaning before staging an open house event.

Work on improving your garden

If you happen to have a lawn, you should look into improving its aesthetic appeal. You can use artificial grass because it’s easy to maintain and work on adding a set of potted plants to make the entire house look inviting. A lot of home buyers are quite interested in gardening. Knowing that they can pursue their hobbies once they move into a new home is a huge factor in getting your house sold in the quickest time possible.

Lastly, always remember that buyers want to see something different or unique while house hunting. That is why you need to gather all your creative ideas to make a lasting and good impression.


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