Transform your Garden with Landscaping

If you have recently moved and are wondering what to do with the overgrown back garden you inherited, you’ve come to the right place; regardless of size or terrain, calling in a landscape gardener is the perfect solution. The expert would start with a to-scale diagram and with your input, he or she would design a garden that suits you and your lifestyle.


The landscaper would tell you that approximately one third of your garden area should be devoted to the patio, which will be your rest & relaxation area. Anyone looking for garden landscaping in Yateley should search with Google and see what design the expert comes up with. While timber decking is great for a tropical climate, pavers are better suited to the UK weather; man-made or natural stone, a wet installation on a solid foundation is recommended. A small retaining wall around the terrace with flower borders would add a touch of colour, while a small grass lawn makes up the remaining space, with perhaps a rockery in the corner.


The landscaper can craft several layers into your garden, with a water feature and a network of paths and all of this can be designed on a computer to show you how the final result will look. You may, of course, prefer to keep things to a single level; indeed, your home might be situated on sloping ground; the landscape gardener can blend features into the terrain, and if you want a low-maintenance garden, this should be a factor of the layout.

Talk to your local landscape gardener about potential designs and he (or she) would be happy to quote for the project.


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